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GPS Soil PH, P, K and Mg Variable Mapping

Variable Nutrient Mapping for PH, P, K and Mg

GPS Soil PH, P, K and Mg variable nutrient mapping is at the forefront of 21st Century agriculture.

PH is tested to determine the level of acid or alkaline in a given area of soil.

P or phosphorous levels will influence the growth and development of a crop.

K stands for potassium and is an essential nutrient for plant growth. Plants, crops and grass will absorb large quantities of potassium over their life cycle, classifying this as a macronutrient. Therefore, it is important that levels are right for optimum growth.

Mg or magnesium plays an important role in the course of photosynthesis because it is a building block of chlorophyll, classing it as an essential nutrient. Giving leaves their green appearance, the sun’s light energy combines carbon dioxide and water into sugars giving plants the fuel to grow.

Having the information and facts about the location and intensity of each of these nutrients defines the best course of action for creating the right conditions for crop growth. Equilibrium and balance of soil elements is the foundation for high quality produce and maximises crop yields from a field.

Highly Accurate GPS Nutrient Mapping

Which nutrients to add and where on a field is determined by GPS nutrient mapping. The levels of PH, P, K and Mg can alter across the area intended for crop growth. Gaining an accurate map will provide growers with the knowledge of which fertilisers to add, but more importantly where this is required, and the correct quantity. Spreading the optimum levels of lime products and the best application times help to get the best out of your land.

Specialist Variable Nutrient Mapping

S&S Agricultural Liming Ltd provide a specialist service delivering GPS Soil PH, P, K and Mg Variable Nutrient Mapping. Through our experts we aim to give you the insight and knowledge you need by utilising leading edge techniques. Data mapping empowers you to make informed decisions to benefit the health of your soil, be more accurate in the application of agricultural lime spreading, fertilisers and nutrients, maximise yields and make your business more efficient and effective.

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