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GPS Agricultural Soil Sampling

We are taking this opportunity to offer our GPS nutrient Mapping Service. In addition to PH agricultural soil sampling service, we can also offer a GPS PH mapping option with the use of a GPS software to aid in mapping your fields. This technique allows is us to retrieve a more in depth analysis of your fields current state and what needs to be applied to rectify the any potential problems. We are able to do this by working alongside Phield Tek.

About Our GPS Agricultural Soil Sampling Service

Our GPS Agricultural Soil Sampling service consists of:

  • Measuring the field using a quad bike fitted with our preferred GPS software that allows us to map your fields.
  • A 1ha grid will be placed over the field boundary and samples points will be created within the grid so we are able to follow and log where we have tested.
  • 12-14 soil samples are collected within the 1ha
  • Once collected the soil samples are sent to our preferred independent laboratory where they will analyse for trace elements such as Phosphate, Potash, Magnesium & PH.
  • A detailed map will then be created which includes a four-year nutrient management plan which calculates the correct amount of agricultural lime and fertiliser is applied to areas within the field that require it.
  • Spread program/Muck application can be created for yourselves if you have your own spreader, we also able to convert the applications to a range of farm software.

Contact Us About GPS Agricultural Soil Sampling

As a local company we are able to offer a trial on a selected individual field to see assess how GPS Mapping would operate within your farming system (Larger Fields Preferred, Potential for more variants). For more information about our GPS agricultural soil sampling and nutrient mapping services please contact us today!



GPS PH Mapping of a Field that has been Tested