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Why Use Agricultural Lime?

It was documented that the earliest use of lime was utilised by the Romans for construction materials. Overtime it was discovered that agricultural lime had a beneficial role within farming and crop growing and grasslands for neutralising soil PH.

What Does Agricultural Lime do?

Agricultural lime has the ability to:

  • Improve soil structure and soil biology allow availability and uptake of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other elements for soil types that can be acidic.
  • Lime also aids in crop growth and greater yields which cannot flourish within acidic soil
  • By having healthy soil this will aid in maintaining the health and fertility of animals which consume the produced crops.
  • Good liming practice aids in being more efficient in targeting areas within a field that may contain varied soil types such as heavier soil requiring more lime than lighter soil.

agricultural lime

The Benefits of Applying Agricultural Lime Regularly

Keeping in a regular agricultural lime routine will benefit your soil and crops by:

  • Keeping your soil healthy for future crops by releasing certain nutrients
  • Improving your crop production and yield
  • Ensuring that lime is applied in the areas of the field that is beneficial the most.
  • By reducing the liming costs by using a variable rate lime spreader!

Agricultural lime is a slow reacting product which means the ground should be limed within a sufficient time limit to allow sensitive crops to be planted within suitable soil.

What to do Before Agricultural Liming

Before any agricultural lime is applied to your fields, the terrain should be tested. Agricultural soil testing will ascertain the soil type and its condition. Then the correct liming product can be established to improve or maintain soil health. By utilising the latest GPS technology, an accurate map of your land will enable the correct quantity of lime to be distributed. This is part of the crop rotation cycle to maximise the yields from your farmland.

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