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Agricultural Soil Testing

“Agricultural Soil Testing is our speciality and is a management tool to ensure that your fields health is maintained properly”

Agricultural soil testing generally should be conducted every 4 years on arable or for crops that require precise conditions which aids in the fields fertilizer recommendations, but due to variations that often occur in the fields PH may require more frequent testing to aid in management. We have created an agricultural soil testing service that guarantees continuity and traceability with reliable results and recommendations that will aid in enhancing your soil structure.

Agricultural Soil Testing Contract

Generally, we have found by choosing a third of our client’s farm for PH, PK and Mag testing, this allows a long enough time frame especially for sensitive crops to monitored for its PH. We have recently conducted research into our statistics of our soil testing, the results confirmed that there was a PH range of 6.0-6.9 for all crops, the National Average according to LANCROP Results stated that average was 49% of customers are within the range. However S&S customers average is 68% within in the range. S&S customers who are in the soil testing contract have a 20% higher PH within the range compared to the national average from LANCROP’s results. The farm will be monitored and tested annually in our three-year rotation. Our agricultural soil testing programme ensures that no field is forgotten within the rotation and enables traceability.

Agricultural Soil Testing Methods

We offer a variety of tests that will allow us to suit your specific needs ranging from PH, PK & Mg, Broad Spectrum and more. If necessary, you may request other tests that aid in managing your land. We understand that all fields are different and different parts of the field perform differently than others. Therefore, the soil samples are taken at the same spot in every field to allow us to determine if there are any variants of PH within the field. Our soil testing method consists of using a BDH kit with the use of Indicator Fluid, de-ionized water and barium sulphate which is now recognized as a reliable form of testing by the RB209 Fertilizer Manual. Agricultural soil testing results will only be valuable if the sample is taken correctly and are reinforced by our preferred independent Laboratory source due to the potential errors that can occur while collecting the sample in the field. All our soil testers within our business are experienced in interpreting the PH tests within the field to aid in taking accurate PH levels.

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The Use of a BDH kit for PH Soil Testing