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About Us

“Soil Testing is at the heart of our business which enables us to offer a full service or part service. You can choose any of our elements of business you wish to utilize”


S&S Agricultural Lime has been trading for 15 years in the Midlands, North West and North Wales with a lifetime experience in the agricultural industry. We are committed to soil testing, delivery and spreading of all liming products throughout our region which allows us to strategically place our soil testers, quarries and spreaders to aid in maximising output and to minimise cost to the end user.

Soil testing is very important to us, not just because of the lime but also for the P & K elements within the soil (even though we do not sell the product, we will aid in whatever we can!). We have a no nonsense approach to soil testing and lime, and by maintaining regular soil testing this will help to reduce costs for the future! We offer a full range of soil testing services from PH to GPS mapping to suit your needs entirely.

  • Our primary objective is to beneficial advice on matters of PH and soil which are backed up by easily interpreted results reinforced by the help of an independent laboratory for traceability.
  • Our Goals for the business is to create the correct environment within the soil for crop establishment and plant growth which can only be guaranteed by through regular soil testing for PH, P&K and other elements in the soil that you may require.

We offer a full liming and soil testing service.  Or S&S can be employed for any specific aspect of the full service which includes:

  • Soil Test Only
  • GPS Soil Testing Only
  • Delivery Only
  • Spread Only
  • Delivery and Spread
  • Mix & Match


We will work to suit YOUR requirement’s!

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